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What business benefits do cloud computing services provide?

Cloud computing services enable businesses to use computer-based technology that is accessible from anywhere. This allows businesses to increase their efficiency as well as their visibility. The technology reduces the time and cost involved in managing computer resources across multiple locations. It also allows businesses to increase their visibility, allowing them to access information about the computer resources from anywhere.

Overall, cloud computing services provide a cost-effective solution for organizations looking for virtualization and a way to save money on high IT costs. By migrating to the cloud, it is possible to reduce or eliminate maintenance, licensing, and upgrade costs, while maximizing the use of existing IT personnel and hardware.

Sophisticated Protection for Your Business at an Affordable Price

The most vulnerable vector for malicious business attacks is email – the communication lifeblood of most organizations. Our email protection solution provides continuously- updated spam and threat protection to effectively shield you 24/7. Even if you have a primary layer of security, as with Microsoft 365, our service provides an additional layer of defense – inexpensive insurance to prevent spam, virus, and ransomware attacks through phishing and impersonation emails.

In the event of a core email service outage, your users will be able to continue receiving, and sending emails without interruption.

Key Features

  • Rock solid reliability and stability with no historical downtime.
  • Continuously-updated AV protection.
  • Built-in email continuity.
  • Collective threat intelligence and machine learning to detect and protect against email threats in real time.
  • Simple, affordable and flexible.
  • Detailed reporting that provides a clear, easily-searched view of all email activity.
  • Designed to look and work well on any device.

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